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Evil number-haters have taken over the Kingdom and are reeking havoc on math! Magikid Numbers is the story of a Prince and a Wizard, who must learn to love and understand numbers in order to save their home. Along the way they meet 10 characters (each with a favorite number!) that they must help.

Featured by Apple as a Best New App. A big thank you to everyone who helped us become a Top Ten app in 22 countries!

“Magikid Numbers is visually a very fun app, and if you’re children are getting to the age where they are starting to learn to identify numbers 1-10, then this would be a great app for them.” -

“What’s so great about the app is that the activities are simple on the surface, but were designed to make sure kids understand numbers in a variety of ways.” -

“little ones will absorb a whole range of mathematical concepts without even realizing it. The balance between entertainment and education is perfect, and makes “Magikid Numbers” a great introduction to math.” -

“If you’ve been thinking it’s time your little ones started learning numbers, this app is a great place to start.” - Fun2Tap’s App of the Week.

The stories and games will encourage your 0-5 year old to love math and discover numbers in the real-world. Magikid Numbers teaches 1 - 10 in a safe and friendly environment. It emphasizes writing, counting, and basic math theory, so you can be sure your child is learning during screen-time.

10 interactive storybooks & math games.
10 Original math songs.
Singalong and record your kids voice, then share it with family and friends.
Number-lock keeps kids out of the Parent’s Zone.
No ads. Strict privacy policy.

EASY AS 1-2-3
Read the books and collect the numbers.
Play a math game.
Be a math genius!