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Magikid Pinyin has landed on the App Store, come join us in learning Pinyin! Pinyin is who you write Mandarin Chinese characters using the Latin alphabet. Hello = 你好 = ni hao. It’s a very important part of ever Chinese child’s education. The new version of Magikid Pinyin is a great tool for parents and teachers who have young Chinese language learners. Every consonant and syllable combination has its own original animation and games as well as reading, writing, singing and pronunciation exercises.
+++Added the option to choose between the “o” and “wo” accents, mom and dad don’t have to worry about the “wo” pronunciation anymore
[Content Introduction]
1. Version 3.4.5 has 24 syllable combinations and 23 consonants, after downloading try the “a” syllable for free
2. By popular request, if you follow us on WeChat you can get the “o” syllable for free
3. The remaining lessons need to be paid for via in-app purchase
[Note] There are more than 300 commonly used phonetic combinations and version 3.3.0 already has more than 260 as well as the 32 original pinyin songs. The next update will contain more than 300 combinations.

[Teaching Pinyin is difficult]
1. Children do not have a lot of chances to interact with Pinyin in a real-life setting.
2. Pinyin combinations do not conform to children’s conventional way of thinking. For example “a” and “ang” are all syllables but “a” and “g” by themselves are consonants.
3. It is easy to confuse Pinyin with the English alphabet

[We do not shy away from these problems]
1. We don’t emphasize the concepts of syllables and consonants
2. We use a ferris wheel approach to teaching phonetic combinations; it provides practical application of pronunciation and spelling to commonly used consonants and syllable combinations.
3. Children are able to master Pinyin through the use of fun games, stories, songs and engaging pronunciation exercises.

[Pinyin Island Story]
Enter Pinyin Island and help the Pinyin Elves defeat the Evil Wizard through a series of fun challenges.
[Ferris Wheel Teaching Approach]
Recognition: Study every syllable, tone, and vowel combination and use these to form different words.
Reading: Improve your child’s reading ability by using pronunciation exercises that encourage your child to read aloud.
Writing: Specialized writing exercises encourage your child to focus on how to write the syllables as well as the tone.
[Customized songs for learning Pinyin]
We created children's song using syllable and related syllable combinations to highlight how each has a unique sound. Each song is a story with vivid animations that relate to a child’s life.
[Learn Pinyin by defeating the Evil Wizard]
Gather Pinyin energy balls, decipher the riddle of the flashcards, put the magic wand back together, repair the pronunciation gears. Only the exact tones, syllables, and vowels can restore peace to the Pinyin Island.
[Sing karaoke style!]

Speaking: Have the ability to hear your own voice after reading aloud.
Flashcard: After you finish a lesson your child will have access to an interactive flashcard to review what was learned.
Pinyin Elves: After you finish a lesson the Pinyin Elves will sing you a wonderful song for review.
Report Card: More pictures to help you better understand your child’s learning pace.

Magikid’s Awards:
*Best Application of 2011
*Selected by Apple as Good Family app
*Selected by Apple as a good app for iPhone 5
*One of the bestsellers of the Kids section of App store
*Recommended on What We Are Playing App Store Home Page
*Recommended on the App Store Home Page
*Popular app on the App Store Home Page